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The Figurite Philosophy

Most women would like to discover an effective anti-cellulite product that actually works, however with so many different products on the market today, finding Figurite Logoan effective anti-cellulite treatment can be challenging. Many women have tried a variety of anti-cellulite products that don’t live up to their promise; leaving a trail of disappointed women who become sceptical and reluctant to try new treatments. We believe we have found the solution to combating cellulite and feel confident that our ground breaking anti cellulite system is undoubtedly more effective than those of our competitors.


At Figurite® we understand the importance of having smoother, firmer and more defined skin – thus improving self-esteem and the empowerment to bare your body with confidence. This is why our dedicated team of 30 highly experienced specialists in the skincare field has created the Figurite System. Scientifically formulated, the system targets the causes of cellulite, minimises fat storage, maximises fat breakdown and kick-starts the lipolysis process.


The result: a dramatic reduction in the appearance of cellulite and skin that is contoured, smooth, lifted, firm, youthful and beautiful.


The Figurite Anti Cellulite system has been specifically formulated to target the major contributing factors of cellulite by boosting localised metabolism and dehydrating fat cells whilst providing essential nutrients that are vital for optimal skin health. They also help the body to increase strength and flexibility of the connective tissue in the skin.


The system is designed to be easily and effectively absorbed into the skin. The concentrated formula of the cream penetrates the deeper layers of tissue beneath the skin’s surface and helps the body to regain its natural ability to break down fat.


The Figurite Story

AEPC UK LTD, the makers of Figurite, is a subsidiary of the AEPC Group. It is worth mentioning that the group started from farming medicinal herbs and extracting the actives. We currently have several large areas of farmland under cultivation of some of the most sought after medicinal herbs. That puts us in a unique position amongst other producers of natural products because of the increasing shortage of premium raw materials for herbal products. AEPC is the parent company of many brands such as Cinere Natural Cosmetics, Figurite, Reseed, M&M Cosmetics, Ibnsina, Avecina, and several other brands. Our scope of activities is predominantly within the manufacturing and distribution of herbal extracts, natural products, nutraceuticals, cosmeceutical, nutricosmetics, pharmaceuticals and natural extracts.


The owners of the AEPC Group have been involved in the natural beauty and health care industry for over 20 years. They employ over 2000 people worldwide with distribution networks covering nearly 50,000 outlets such as pharmacies, salons, supermarket’s, health stores, beauty retailers and medical practitioners. With over 180 products, we manufacture most of our brands across several manufacturing sites across the globe.

Through scientific innovation and commitment we have developed superior quality products that are not only safer for the user, but are proven to be more effective in achieving the desired results. We passionately believe that by staying at the cutting edge of new technologies and scientific innovations we can offer the consumer effective, elegantly designed, intuitively desirable, easy to use products that will ensure our continuous growth.


At AEPC, we apply new ideas and scope to all aspects of our business activities. We add value to our products at every level of their journey, from concept to product research and development, manufacturing, QC procedures, clinical and consumer trails and final distribution to retail stores and online shoppers. We understand that our choice of ingredients is paramount to our success. This is why we cultivate most of the raw natural ingredients used in our formulations, to ensure quality is never compromised. We own and manage the supply chain from the planting of seeds, extraction of natural actives to blending into formulations, whilst constantly focusing on maximum efficacy at each stage. We have fostered strong partnerships with quality suppliers of other raw ingredients that we use in our products and processes. We have a rigorous appraisal process to ensure that our suppliers adhere to the same principles and beliefs of quality, social and scientific integrity.


Our objective is to become global leaders in our field of expertise by consistently providing the best possible solutions in the natural beauty and health care industries.


Packaging Design

We approach packaging with the same ethos as our formulations. We engage our customers by introducing new packaging solutions which will improve functionality as well as the aesthetic aspects of our products. All packaging must be recyclable and produced in accordance with relevant environmentally friendly requirements.


Product Portfolio and growth strategy:

Natural Growth

We will continue to improve our current products and introduce new product lines to satisfy our loyal customers’ demands.


Demand Growth & Observational Leads

Product diversification as an expansion to our existing range initiated by market research data and ongoing demand for products and solutions.

We also develop and produce pharmaceutical applications for API, DMF and ASMF use. Our NDP team ensures all our products meet international safety standards using constant evaluation and stringent assessment tests at various levels.

Introducing new solutions that are available through technological advances and the availability of new natural actives resulting from their availability within the supply chain.


Cultivation of Natural Botanicals

To ensure our customers receive the best possible products, we have over the years acquired the expertise and means to embark on large scale medicinal herbs farming. We currently have over 5000 acres of land under cultivation of aromatic plants, including functional crops such as Catnip, Rosehip, Lemon Balm, and Chamomile, which are both culinary herbs and medicinal plants. We cultivate bioactive crops with extensive diversification and have an extremely wide variety of properties that have a large range of proven health benefits. We intend to increase our farming activities threefold within the next five years.


Industrial Processing and Manufacturing

At AEPC we believe in shortening supply chains where possible by locating manufacturing facilities close to the intended markets. We have several large facilities of our own exceeding 220,000 square feet of production and support facilities, with manpower exceeding over 1500 people, as well as employing contract manufacturing facilities worldwide, that undergo rigorous appraisals and audits to ensure uniformity of quality and the utmost care at all times. All sites must be GMP certified, ISO approved and compliant with the strictest international regulations.


As a group with our eyes firmly fixed on the future, we implement our core philosophy of never compromising on quality, being market leaders, and striving for sustainable and fair practices at all our facilities.


We employ ethical testing and a sustainable socially minded approach through our laboratories and manufacturing plants and strive to continue to improve our carbon foot print by 20% year on year.